I started doing the wardrobe post, but I don’t think I can finish — I only managed three photosets, how sad is that?!

Still, there’s no real reason I can’t share the three photosets to tumblr, so here they are.

Wardrobe Post #1 - Mozarabic Chant, Axes Femme blouses

I asked a fellow lolita what colour I should get this print in, and she said “green”. Since I don’t like green my solution to buy them in all the colours and then sell off the ones I don’t like later. Almost a year later, I’m still trying to decide which colour(s) I like less…

The Axes Femme blouses are brand new, I just got them a day before taking these photos. There are little roses woven into the fabric, which I love.

Edit: two dresses have been sold and I’m hanging on to the last one =)