Halloween Lolita Idea #3 - Bat

I thought the Antique Beast headdress looked like bat ears. I just wish I had a suitably bat-like cape to go with it. Optional bonus — the capeless version is much better suited for Malaysian weather!

I picked Feerie because I love the snakeskin design around the waist, but I think it’s suitable for the season as the print is full of ghostly images that makes it look creepy.


jumperskirt - Juliette et Justine

Cape - Atelier Boz

Bag - Anna Sui

Choker and headdress - Antique Beast

Armour ring - Vivienne Westwood

hat/crown ring set - Black Peace Now

blouse - taobao (offbrand)

magnetic hermetite bracelet - homemade

hurray for brand variety in a single coordinate XD;